Focus Area 5: Research Action Group for Equity

Our goal is to increase the diversity of our scientific workforce and our clinical trials participants.  We work to ensure that our discovery engine provides better insights into the health and health care needs of our increasingly diverse population. Currently, there is no racial/ethnic majority group in California and by 2045, this will be true for the U.S. Consequently, health research that lacks diverse participants will be limited in generalizability and impact, and the lack of diverse participants not only sustains health disparities but also worsens them. Our goal in Differences Matter’s Research Action Group for Equity is to increase the diversity among research participants at UCSF.

Clinical Trials Finder Website: 
In collaboration with CTSI, revamped website to lessen barriers to entry and to attract minorities.  Improved access for low literacy.

Consultation Service for Minority Accrual to Clinical Trials:
Collaborated with CTSI to create consultation service for minority accrual to clinical trials.


UCSF Health Disparities Research Symposium:
Showcases research on health disparities conducted by faculty and trainees.  By showcasing the breadth and depth of disparities research, the goal is to inspire future collaborations and research direction.

Diversity Supplement Toolkit:
NIH provides funding to attract minority trainees and faculty to research careers. NIH Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health Related Research (or “Diversity Supplements”) provide additional funding for trainees and faculty to work on an existing NIH funded project in a particular area of interest.  This toolkit helps researchers secure this additional funding.

Dean’s Diversity Leaders:

Yazmin Carrasco, PhD
Program Analyst, Medicine


Carol Gross, PhD
Professor, Cell and Tissue Biology


Tung Nguyen, MD
Professor, Medicine