Focus Area 5

What's New

  1. Improved Clinical Trials Finder website: more appealing to minorities, easier for low literacy, and added other languages.
  2. Co-sponsored Participant Recruitment Program event with CTSI focused on recruiting diverse research participants
  3. Collaborated with CTSI to create consultation service for minority accrual to clinical trial
  4. Developed Diversity COUNTS proposal (consultation, navigation, translation for recruitment of diverse research participants) and advocated for inclusion of a pilot in the Cancer Center Support Grant renewal application.
  5. Provided feedback for recruitment of diverse participants for Precision Medicine initiative
  6. Assisted the Cancer Center in its conduct of the NCI HINTS survey to include more minority respondents.
  7. Connected various parts of UCSF (ODO, RDO, others) and SFSU in ongoing discussions on how best to promote more diversity supplement applications and funding
  8. Assisted in coordination of the Health Disparities Research Symposium
  9. Obtained Diversity Supplement funding to create research internship opportunities for 20 URM high school students in Cancer Center labs
  10. Integrated Faculty-Student Basic Science Diversity Committee into DM efforts, leading to:
  • Expansion of the purview of the committee to include postdoctoral and faculty diversit
  • Communication with the SOM leadership about Diversity efforts and needs of basic sciences

Dean's Diversity Leaders

  • Purba Chatterjee, MSc, Chief Operations Officer, Bixby Affiliated Global Programs, Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences
  • Carol Gross, PhD, Professor, Cell and Tissue Biology
  • Tung Nguyen, MD, Professor, Medicine

Goal 5: Increase the diversity of our scientific workforce and our clinical trials participants and work to ensure that our discovery engine provides better insights into the health and health care needs of our increasingly diverse population.

    Objective 5.1: Advance understanding of causes and strategies to address disparities in health and health care, including through the design and implementation of clinical trials

    Objectives 5.2: Ensure race, gender and differences are addressed and incorporated into all precision medicine-related initiatives.

    Objective 5.3: Develop and implement strategies to incorporate matters of race and difference, into the PhD and physician scientist set of competencies.