Focus Area 3

What's New

Dean's Diversity Leaders

  • Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS, Assistant Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Alejandra Rincón, PhD, Chief of Staff, Office of Diversity and Outreach

Goal 3: Cultivate the highest quality, most inclusive learning environment for our medical students and residents.

    Objective 3.1: Define core competencies for health professionals to optimize their ability to work in and relate to diverse environments and patients.

    Objective 3.2: Optimize curriculum to ensure inclusive teaching and integration of issues of race, racism, exclusion, and health disparities-relevant competencies.

    Objective 3.3: Develop competencies for mentoring diverse learners, both within staff and faculty.

    Objective 3.4: Identify and begin to address barriers for students who are underrepresented in medicine.