Focus Area 2

What's New

Dean's Diversity Leaders

  • Eddie Cruz, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
  • Michelle Guy, MD, Professor, Medicine
  • Suzanne Kawahara, MBA, Associate Director, Leadership Development, Global Brain Health Institute
  • Markita Mays, Clinical Social Worker, Psychiatry

Goal 2: Increase the diversity of our faculty, residents and professional staff and increase the personal competencies of all our professionals in teaching, leading and managing a diverse community.

    Objective 2.1: Design and implement a SoM initiative to increase the diversity of faculty and increase the number of faculty with experience in enhancing diversity and inclusion in all tracks, including with respect to residency and fellowship candidates.

    Objective 2.2: Design and implement competency standards for faculty and professional staff in working with a diverse work community.

    Objective 2.3: Design and implement a series of educational initiatives designed to support and nurture inclusion and diversity, to ensure that faculty and professional staff develop and demonstrate those competencies.