Focus Area 1

What's New

Goal 1: Develop an informed and committed leadership who are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion across all mission areas and at all UCSF sites.

    Objective 1.1: Establish an Executive Advisory Board comprised of senior faculty and staff to sponsor and support the SoM Differences Matters work, demonstrating commitment from the top. 

    Objective 1.2: Increase the diversity of faculty and staff in senior leadership, supervisory positions and senior faculty positions over time, in a measurable and deliberate manner

    • Develop a pipeline of diverse leadership candidates – across staff and faculty- who bring knowledge, insight and experience in working with and for inclusive communities.
    • Develop and implement career progression strategies, across faculty and staff, that take into account metrics, and hurdles, related to inclusion and diversity.

    Objective 1.3: Develop communication strategy to inform the Dean and Senior Leadership of progress towards goals; highlighting issues where their help is needed and continually communicating about culture and climate of SoM

    Objective 1.4: Leverage the power of UCSF SoM to advocate for whole-scale change in medical schools across the country.